Rare Manul cat gets photographed by Valeriy Maleev

You must have heard of the most popular cat on the internet by the name Manul. Sure maybe also the grumpy cat is a bit more popular. However tons of meme pictures are made of Manul on internet because of the funny faces it makes and it’s personality. Manul is also known as the Pallas’s cat, and you won’t believe it has even an campaign for elections that is called “Manul for President”. This little cat will always hide from people and roam in it’s stealth unnoticed. Most of the people that could be caught in it’s presence won’t even know she is present.


Thankfully Valeriy Maleev managed to capture amazing images of these little secretive felines in the wild.


Thanks to Valeriy today we have a beautiful set of how Pallas’s cat behaves in nature, a real dream come true to every wildlife photographer.


The works of Valeriy will be displayed in the “Wild Russia” exhibition on January 2015. because Maleev is a famous biologist by profession and an traveler plus a very talented photographer.


His work is a must-see for all those interested in wildlife and animals in general.


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