Rare Photographs Show The Beauty Of Empty Moscow Subway System For The First Time

Aesthetically much above rat-infested New York City’s subway system

Photo: David Burdeny via

Moscow, Russia – What you will see here is a very rare sight, an empty Moscow Subway stations. Their beauty and detail of their design is so valuable it is considered national treasure, one of the reasons why you can’t just stay there and take photos on your own. This is why Canadian photographer David Burdeny has spend an entire year to get a valuable permission so he could take the photos of the empty Moscow subway system. He spend two weeks spending his night in these stations and shooting these magnificent pieces of art and architecture.

With their ornate chandeliers, marble walls, bronze columns, and intricate mosaics, these railway stations have been likened to an “artificial underground sun.” (Aesthetically, they’re as far from the rat-infested purgatory of New York City’s subway system as you could possibly get.)

As far as he knows, Burdeny is the only professional photographer in the world to have been granted permission to extensively shoot these locations emptied of passengers. More info: David Burdeny (h/t: designyoutrust)

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