Bulgarian Authorities Claim One Lutenitsa (Ajvar) Brand Had Alleged Narcotic Substance

No wonder it tastes so good and everybody loves it, right?

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These days Bulgaria is under a real siege of internet memes. Balkan Insight reports that Bulgaria’s authorities have been probing some popular brands of tomato-pepper spread we all know under the name Ajvar or in Bulgarian Lutenitsa. They have come to a mind-blowing result that these brands contained a mind-altering drug.

The everyones favorite spread food (Ajvar/Lutenitsa) is one of the favorite dish of any Balkan Slav, so news from Police and food safety organisations claiming things such as Ajvar being a narcotic have become a target of a massive weave of internet memes.

“Grandma, I finally found out what you are putting in the lutenitsa, please go on!”, а popular Facebook post says.

This is not new, last year a similar thing happened in Macedonia too, so some popular memes of Al Pacino from the movie “Scarface” have easily been reapplied and reused to fight the lutenitsa drug dependence of us all. Others commented that they cannot wait to go home and open a jar of lutenitsa after a stressful working day.

“Red is the new green,” other Facebook users joked, relating the red colour of the spread with cannabis.

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The prosecutor’s office said on Friday it had received an information from Bulgaria’s largest consumer organisation, Active Consumers, that lutenitsa, produced by the company Ideal in the town of Perushtica, contains oleamide, known to have a sleep-inducing effect.

The consumers group first announced its findings on Thursday, saying it had examined 12 brands of Bulgaria’s favourite spread and found the industrial substance, usually found in plastics and lubricants, in one of them reports Balkan Insight.

It is said that authorities have few more days to investigate what will happen to producer of this Ajvar brand if he broke the law. Substance found inside the brand was oleamide which is similar to a cannabis, however it is not listed as a drug-related substance.

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