Redheads of Czech Republic in a photo shoot that will make you dye hair red

We know you secretly wanted to be a redhead at least once in your life

Source: Facebook / Zrzavý kalendář

Czech Republic – We are all aware of jokes that ginger people have to deal with in life, don’t we? Like “they have no soul” and stuff from “South Park” cartoon where they don’t have it easy. Some of you are gingers by birth and because of you these Czech Photographers created a project “Redhead calendar 2016”. They picked their Czech models and shown us all the beauty of being a redhead. In fact photos are so good you will probably be jealous you’re not a natural ginger after seeing this. These articles might even boost “natural” redhead hair dye sales, that’s how good this photo shoot was.

Photos were taken by photographer Karolina Ryvolová, and all the skilled visage was created by Veronika Lukešová. More info: Facebook

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What are you waiting for, still not a redhead?

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