Rich Russian Kids – They Love To Show Off How They Spend Their Families Fortunes On Luxurious Life

Junior super-rich oligarchs just have an urge to show you how they live

Goumbik (CC0), Pixabay

When you think of USSR you think of socialism and how it forced equality among people and classes. As it usually goes, some people were always more ‘equal’ than the others in such a system, so them and their kids today can enjoy a massive wealth while rest of the people struggle just to live through the month. You probably never seen anything like this, because these people hang out in closed communities, or should we say it is a thing of class, they hang out only with people equal to them.

But their wish to show off to petty little mortals like you and me is stronger than the warning their parents gave them not to show their “riches”. They fill in their social media feeds with expensive cars, beautiful scenery, yachts, mansions, luxury accessories and their satisfied faces gloating just for you and me. h/t:(trinixy)

Guns, black SUVs and more things like this are very trendy now. Roll Royce seems to be a must for every rich family in Russia now.

Of course rich people travel a lot. For example Las Vegas is a must.

But seems like most favorite place for Russian rich kids is Dubai. You can move there fairly easily and Dubai is instantly ready to give you all the luxury life items rich kid every needs.

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