Russia in Color from 1896

We have an amazing set of photos of Russia 100 Years Ago. We had it from Russian photographer Prokudin-Gorsky whose photos are being stored in the Library of Congress in USA, but now it’s totally different case. These Photos were made by Czech photographer while on his travel thru Russia back in the year 1896. and as Russia is amazing today so was it in the past! Most of them were lost later due to two wars in Europe and other tragical things but some still managed to survive till our year 2009 and now we can see them here.

It’s a big pity that there are only such a few of them left.

Moskva - neseni ikony (ikoÀu) F. Krátk˘: Pivní boudy na Chod. poli 30. 5. 1896 Moskva, Budova orlího klubu Vybíraã dobroãinn˘ch pfiíspûvkÛ ã.6 Svûtlárna a Zimní palác ã. 3 Egyptsk˘ most, ã.19 F. Krátk˘: Dvorní ceremonáfi Korunovaãní prÛvod Alexandra II., 1896 F. Krátk˘: Hurá carovi Chodinské pole, 30. 5. 1896

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