Russia reveals its competitor to Airbus and Boeing

MOSCOW – The new Russian passenger plane of medium range which was launched in Siberia, according to Russian state media, should be competitive to the world’s largest manufacturers Boeing and Airbus, and in many ways they claim it is better and will soon be available for Russian fleets, but also foreign companies, announced Reuters.

The ceremonial presentation of model airplanes called MS-21 (MC-21) was also attended by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“I am fully confident that this aircraft will be the pride of the Russian civil aviation and to our citizens as well as foreigners, enjoy flying in the MS-21,” said Russian Prime Minister at the official presentation of the aircraft, which is still in the test phase, a serial production should begin next year.

The aircraft will be offered in two versions, the larger MS-21-300 to 160-211 passengers, and MS-21-200, which will be able to accommodate 130 to 165 passengers.

According to state media reports the company Irkut already entered into many agreements with domestic and foreign companies, and the aircraft should begin shipping in 2018.

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