Russian 18 year old girl Maria Daume to become a female US Marine

Born in a Russian Prison and Became a US Marine

Maria Daume / Photo: by Staff Sgt. Greg Thomas

South Carolina, U.S. – First female batch of infantry marines are about to have their military graduation in boot camp located in Parris Islands, South Carolina. We are sure most of these young ladies have interesting stories behind them, but one is standing out the most. Meet 18 year old Maria Daume, a Russian girl who’s story started back in 1999. when she was born with her twin brother Nikolai in Siberian prison. Living in Siberian prison is no easy thing neither for a mother or her kids, so after two years her mother died and young Maria was transferred to an local orphanage in Siberia. When she was 4 years old, she was adopted by an American family and her life moved to Long Island, New York.

American military portal Task and Purpose reports that her childhood was average but filled with hardship such as being bullied for various reasons, mostly because she was adopted or her Siberian prison life. In short her life from the moment of her birth was not an easy one, but it has built her character.

Photo: by Staff Sgt. Greg Thomas

“They would say things about my mom and why she was in prison even if no one knew why,” Daume said in interview for a Department of Defense news.

Photo: by Staff Sgt. Greg Thomas

Her life being a struggle from her birth is what made her such a competitive spirit, ultimately leading her to Marines. As if her story isn’t interesting itself, this Russian girl will be one of the first infantry marines in the US Marines Corps

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