Russian and American Ambassadors Get In Conflict Over Upcoming Football Match Between Croatia and Russia

Croatians not feeling easy as they realize two global superpowers geopolitically eye her over a football match…

Rostov Arena / Photo: JukoFF / Wikimedia

Yesterday was a great day for both Croatia and Russia, both won some major victories and celebrated the fact they’ll be heading towards finals. Next match will be a big one, two Slavic nations will find themselves on the football battlefield, but normally in good sporty spirit. So far Slavic based fans celebrated victories of both teams equally, but what happened next was… expected.

Suddenly just short after the Croatian victory, American ambassador in Croatia dropped a tweet that started numerous reactions from social network users and internet portals reports

As American ambassador chose a subject of football to give his support to Croatia, the whole thing raised some question-marks in the Russian camp. Embassy remembered how Russia saved crumbling Croatian economy as its biggest national company Agrokor failed to operate, the Russian embassy remarked that there are some more important subjects that could have been address by the American side.

“Will USA now pay for LNG, help Agrokor or give Visa-free entry to Croats?” ~ Russian embassy wrote on fluent Croatian language.

It already looks as the next match could be potentially hazardous for general public health because of the geo-politics that are getting mixed in the whole sport event. Some of the comments from the social networks:

“Americans, when they fancy somebody, he usually borrows a 30-year loan from them, buys old-iron aircrafts and serves the American economy” ~ wrote Antonio Bosnjakovic

“How war began on my Island! ” ~ wrote Maja Sever

Most Croats viewed the whole social media trolling between Americans and Russians from a safe distance, because they know how it ends up when small countries come in the focus of larger ones.

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