Russian Artist Blends Modern Graffiti, Ancient Calligraphy and Pretty Slavic Girls, Result Is Phenomenal

Blending ancient arts on body canvas never looked so good

Photo: Pokras Lampas / Instagram

Have you ever wanted to be an artist? Well after this post this will probably be your life goal (if you’re a guy) so let us cut the small talk and go on the stuff that matters. Meet Pokras Lampas, a young artsy guy from St.Petersburg, Russia, who carved himself a totally new art direction. He kindly asks his models to strip naked before him so he could do some interesting scribbles (that we call calligraphy) all over their legs, chest and other places. Now these young Slavic Beauties are not just pretty by themselves, but they actually are covered with ancient writings in mesmerizing colors and patterns.

If you think you would like to recreate something like this, Pokras uses acrylic-based ink in order to write on bodies skin, also you need to know that his sessions last over five-hours so it ain’t easy. It is worth to mention that he is so famous now that many world-famous brands like Skoda, Nike, Mercezes-Benz use him for some of their designs. More info: Behance, Instagram (h/t: dailymail)

“My girlfriend fully understands that this is my job and knows that I am trying to be a good boy during my sessions. I enjoy this job, but for me sometimes really important to stay serious and execute my calligraphy perfectly,” Pokras told the Daily Mail.

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