Russian Artist Creates Dreamy Digital Art That Will Stress Relief You Just By Looking At It

Dreamy art strait out of Omsk will relax you like nothing before

Photo: Artyom Cheboha /

Artyom Cheboha, also known as RHADS, is the famous Russian digital artist. You have probably seen his art on the internet already but weren’t aware it was his. He is the master at making bright paintings filled with surrealism, just like all great Russian artists in history. Artyom prefers to create symbolic images that are esepctionally pleasant on the eyes, in fact his art will probably make you feel very calm. Among other things this surrealism can often hide some secrets, little clues that are encoded in images.

Born in Omsk region, in 1987, Artyom was always interested in fantasy themes. For his works, he uses Photoshop, TwistedBrush and CorelPainter. In his digital art, he visualizes his desire to portray fantastic worlds, and goes even further. The worlds he created are not populated by strange creatures, dragons, knights and princesses. Instead, there you can find amazing things that reflect the world as we know it, from socialist building blocks to popular Eastern European cars and similar. Visit his and for more works.

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