Russian Capitalist Who Has Turned His Farm Into a Socialist Collective Farm

Who would guessed future will bring us a Capitalist-Socialist hybrid collective farms

Most east Slavs remember the term ‘collective farms‘ as a bad memory, especially Ukrainians. During the break up of Soviet Union most collective farms across the ex-Union were slowly turned into private farms, usually sold or mostly abandoned. This farm was also sold and became a corporation, but how it continued to work is a bit different from other private farms users report on Fishki.

Story about this farm is this: They have build Multi-stored apartment houses for the workers, they are giving them free or for a very cheap price. The owner built a Disney style building which is a free kindergarten for the children of his workers. They have regular paychecks and he covers their health checks. So basically workers and families live in the farm area, have education there, they work there and collectively make the farm strongest unit in the region.

It slowly became a leading farming unit in the region, and as it grew it started to provide its workers with conditions socialists used to have wet dream about, so they named it “Soviet Farm of Vladimir Lenin”. They are mostly farming strawberries and managed to collect over 1 ton last year, next for picking are apples in autumn.

Funny thing about it is, it is still a capitalist farm, it is a corporation and still a private ownership, but inside the system it is very socialist as they provide apartments, food, paychecks and schooling for their workers and their families.

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