Russian carrier Admiral Kusnetsov heading for Syria

Russian carrier named after Nikolai Kuznetsov, National Minister of the Navy of the Soviet Union during World War II is heading towards Syria as Russian authorities have said. Total length of 305, width 72 and draft of 11 meters, the Russian carrier has a standard displacement of 55,000 tons. Maximum speed is his 56 kilometers per hour while the final sail 8,500 nautical miles. He in fact is not limited amount of fuel, which can last for years, but only the amount of food it carries. Russian carrier four times changed its name: ‘Riga’ ‘Leonid Brezhnev’ ‘Tbilisi’ and finally ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’.

The pride of the Russian Navy on his deck has two squadrons of multi-purpose fighter Su-33, which is used for air superiority, fleet defense as direct aid, but can also serve as direct aid in the defense against amphibious attack and reconnaissance and early warning of mines.

admiral kusnesov

According to some sources, he’ll soon need to replace the naval version of the MiG-29K for higher reliability at landing and take-off. Within the ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ there are also helicopters Kamov Ka-27 ASW, search and rescue and transport.

Russian carrier has 12 anti-ship missiles “Granite” with range of 600 kilometers, then a rocket launcher rockets UDAV ASW range of 3,000 kilometers and anti-aircraft missiles “dagger” and eight cannon type Kortik and ‘Kuznetsov’ guaranteed defense against anti-ship missiles and guided bombs. Awesome right?

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