BBC Reports: Russian Companies Were Training People To Smile Ahead of the World Cup

It’s not like you have to smile all the time right?

It’s a World Cup, and many tourists are already somewhere in Russia. Ahead of such a grand event, many organisations such as Russian Railways, Fifa and the Moscow Metro are conducting special training to teach their staff to be more polite and helpful to foreign visitors and, in particular, to smile more. It is often said that Russians do not smile at strangers as much as their Western counterparts reports BBC.

Opinion: We Slavs are not grumpy, we just don’t smile for nothing out of the blue. Want us to smile? Tell a damn funny joke.

What do you think?

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    Tomek Gosławski

    It’s definitely an interslavic thing. I’m Polish, but I moved to Norway. After I came here I was like: What is so funny, kurwa? Why everyone smiles at me? But now I got used to it 🙂


    Dusan Toncic

    It is rather connected with the “Eastern block” thing. I am from ex-Yugoslavia and we are smiling lot and often. To remind you, we were “non-aligned”.




    Its your personal thing. I’m also from ex-Yugoslavia and I smile/laugh just when I try to mock someone or when I hear an exceptionally good joke/funny story. Whats the point in smiling when you greet somebody (especially if you don’t really know/like the person) ?



    Whoever smiles last, smiles best.



    Other than humor, I smile when I great my friends, also I smile when I play for money, it brings more cash in if your cheerful. I’ve developed a fake smile for that purpose.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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