Russian Company Lets Your Business Advertise On Female Breasts

Best way to advertise yourself?

Russia – Few masterminds in city of Ulyanovska created a “Uber” app for breasts. The app is called “Tittygram”. Basically the app connects advertisers and matching models that suit your advertising campaign the right way. You order your ads and the ladies write the messages on their chest in exchange for a small payment. They have been getting a lot of attention from social media and various websites that see it as a genius marketing strategy.

One ad will cost you 395 rubles ($7 USD). So basically you could compare that cost to a couple of beers, while the price was raised to 10$ due to high demand. Twitter user @fcuktv tested the service and complained of a poorly done ad. Another client reported that his order wasn’t completed within two hours.

Nevertheless, large companies like Russian branch of Burgerking already started using the service:

Some other examples:

Will you market your business this way?

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