Russian Cruise Ship That Has The Most Unusual Captain, Cat Dressed In Tiny Sailors Outfit

If Titanic had this kind of captain, it would not sink for sure

Photo: Ruptly©

When you think of cats and water, probably their fear of getting wet comes to mind. However in St.Petersburgh that is a Persian cat named ‘Sailor’ and he operates a tourist ship ‘Nikolay Chernyshevsky’ between Moscow and St.Petersburg. He earned his place there co-working with captain Vladimir Kotin, cat even received a uniform to prove that fact. Silor cat is watching the captain’s bridge every night and keeps it clean of intruders and mice.


Sailor just might be the cutest shipmate to ever set sail, which gives the cruise another draw—passengers are eager to see him in action.

According to Ruptly sailor isn’t the only cat on the ship, he has a Scottish Fold subordinate named Boatswain who wears a striped shirt and sailor cap. Although the two get along, Boatswain is considered “lazy” and is often seen sleeping on the job.

Captain sailor:

Boatswain deck boy

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