Russian Embassy tweet with C&C trucks went viral

Some people say “if it isn’t on internet, it didn’t happen” but this saying is not always applicable. For example few hours ago Russian Embassy in the UK released a tweet with a screenshot from video game Comand & Conquer as a proof (or illustration) how Islamic extremists received several trucks full of chemical weapons. Inernet reacted a hilariously on this tweet which stated “Extremists near Aleppo received several truckloads of chemical ammo.”.

Now at least we know Russian Embassy has a avid Command & Conquer gamer in their ranks! On the bottom of the image you will see a tiny inscription that states  “image used for illustration purposes only”, but still their tweet went viral. In response to the controversial tweet representatives of the Russian embassy received a full range of ‘secret information’ about the extremists, also illustrated hilarious thumbnail.

Interestingly, the embassy has not wiped the controversial message, but all creative solutions Internet users can look through this link. What we bet is that Russian UK Embassy has a actually quite intelligent approach on gaining new followers over tweeter!

Btw do you love Command & Conquer?

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