Russian Folklore Art By Fyodor Vasilyev

Russian artist Fyodor Vasilyev (1850 – 1873). He lived only 23 years, but left a great mark on the painting. This legendary painter, Fyodor Vasilyev, was born in Gatchina as a child of a government official, Alexander Vasilyevich Vasilyev, and Olga Emelyanova Polyntseva back in 1850. His parents married four years later, so he was always considered an illegitimate child that did leave a scar on him through his life. As many great people Feodor had a hard life as he had to work for his living from the age of 12 – where he as a child had to work as a scribe, mailman and assistant to a restorer of pictures. When Fydors father died he had to support his family alone so in 1863, he managed to enter the evening classes of the School of Painting at the Society for Promotion of Artists. ,During his schooling Vasilyev got acquainted with many painters, who learned him the art of painting but the persons that most influenced him was the his sisters boyfriend. which was also a famous painter. Today we can admire the amazing art of Fydor, a man that left big trace in art world but that was only 23 years old. Via source [divider]

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