Russian Girls Love Shawarma

Because this food is very tasty and you would be crazy about it too

Russia – On the Russian side of the internet, more exact, on their social network VKontakte a new trending community was born. The name of it is “Beautiful Russian Girls and Shwarma” and it boomed thought Russia in matter of days. This Russian girls & Food fan page was a startup of a Russian Social Media expert Roman Bordunov and as far as he says the traditional Arabic food called shwarma is getting more and more popular in Russia.

So when you combine tasty food with Russian girls you get the winning combination Roman said. Lucky for him his Vkontakte page attracted thousands of subscribers and it just keeps rising!

Let’s see how much do Russian girls love Shwarma:


Russian girls seem to love Shwarma


The page already has a following of over 20,000 Russian girls uploading their Shwarma pictures


Food that these Russian girls eat is similar to kebab


Now we will wait and see if this trend of girls and food will go towards west!

RussianGirls-Shawarma5RussianGirls-Shawarma6 RussianGirls-Shawarma7 RussianGirls-Shawarma8 RussianGirls-Shawarma9 RussianGirls-Shawarma10 RussianGirls-Shawarma11 RussianGirls-Shawarma12 RussianGirls-Shawarma15 RussianGirls-Shawarma16 RussianGirls-Shawarma17 RussianGirls-Shawarma18 RussianGirls-Shawarma19 RussianGirls-Shawarma20 RussianGirls-Shawarma21

So if you ever visit Russia be ready to buy them a Shwarma!

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