Russian Helicopter Firing Errant Rockets At Journalists On The Military Exercise Zapad 2017.

It is tough to be a journalist, you never know when someone will blow you up

Photo: youtube screenshot

These days two Russian websites, most notably has released a video that features a live recording of the joint Russian-Belarussian military exercise Zapad 2017. Nothing would be strange if there wasn’t for a horrendous mistake, the military helicopter fired rockets near journalists and almost killed one.

Citing unnamed sources, reported the incident occurred on September 18 and left one person with a concussion, the one you can see in the video walking towards the vehicle.

The Russian Defence Ministry’s western military district, in a statement cited by Interfax news agency, said that during a training exercise a helicopter’s targeting system had mistakenly acquired a target, but denied anyone had been injured.

State-run Russian media reported that Russia’s Western Military District said a helicopter’s systems had mistakenly acquired a target during a training drill, but did not confirm that it happened during Zapad 2017. The ministry also denied anyone had been injured.

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