Russian Husband Filled His Wife’s Car With Concrete After He Heard Why She Changed Her Surname

Would you change your last name because of the reasons below?

Imagine you get so mad you could fill someones car with concrete? Well it happened to a man in St. Petersburg, and car belonged to his wife. Allegedly what made him so mad was the fact she changed her last name just to participate in some store campaign, market is named “Verny” (faithful in English) and they wanted for participants to change their last name to Verny or Vernaya.

If you win you could get 50 tohusand rubles (800$) or Skoda Oktavia and Skoda Rapid too while the main prize was an apartment in Moscow. However the most lucky got a car full of concrete too as it seems by the deed of this angry husband:

According to the man, the woman’s irresponsible attitude towards the family name infuriated him. He drove the car to the store and filled it with concrete.

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