Russian Iron Man – This Russian Man Built Genuine Iron Man Pulsars in his Garage

Nowadays, you can find tons of interesting stuff to see on YouTube. Also, you can find many DIY tutorials on pretty much any topic you come up with. But, a certain channel, namely “Alex lab”, offers a plethora of DIY tutorials for amazing gadgets that really work! This time, he outdid himself by building a real-life “Repulsor” that actually works unbelievably well. For those of you who don’t know what a repulsor is, it is the part of Iron Man’s suit that shoots (the glowing palm circle on Tony’s suit that allows him to both fly and shoot).

And, to make everything even more “Marvel” and Iron Man, Alex actually used the “Gauntlet’s reactor” as Tony’s Arc reactor you see in the movies. Of course, Alex’s “Arc reactor” doesn’t produce pure energy as Tony’s does, but it does glow and actually produces “Brown’s gas”, which is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen and is also known as hydroxy gas.

Now, once the hydroxy gas is produced in Alex’s chest “Arc reactor”, it then goes into the iron gauntlet on Alex’s right hand and is stored in a charge cylinder. Here is where the magic happens and from where a blast comes. Since the gas itself is pretty flammable, the reaction is unexpectedly powerful and lightning fast. It all happens in a blink of an eye and the power potential of the “hit” that the explosion creates can knock stuff down like a sledgehammer.

Okay, before you run into your garage to try and create the Arc reactor and a repulsor, please keep in mind that creating the hydroxy gas is nothing short of extremely dangerous. And, for the cylinder, you could use a glass container for a greater WOW effect and better purity of the gas and reactor efficiency, but this is extremely dangerous. The gas expands and creates pressure and the glass can easily burst and create a claymore mine effect and give you an express ride to surgery.

Therefore, if you really plan on copying Alex and actually create the repulsor, together with the Arc reactor, us a stainless-steel cylinder and rubber gaskets as this combination is much stronger and can withstand larger amounts of pressure.

As you can see in Alex’s video, he was really, really careful while assembling the reactor and made sure everything is clear as a whistle so that no unexpected situations occur. As we mentioned above, impurities in the reactor and the cylinder affect the overall efficiency of the reactor and increase the chances of the whole project misfiring.

Also, the reactor glow, besides giving the whole Iron Man feeling, serves as an indicator of how “charged” the reactor is and how strong the “shot” will be. This is actually pretty smart because the brighter the reactor the more gas there is and the higher the pressure actually is. And, you will agree that knowing how big the pressure is pretty important when you have explosive gas reactor strapped onto your chest, isn’t it? As for the hand made induction coils we can see in the video, we don’t really know what their purpose is in the whole process, but we do find them extremely cool anyway.

In the end, this project demands some serious engineering, thermodynamics and chemical skills, but once everything is in its place, you will definitely feel like a real Iron Man. And there’s hardly anyone that would be brave enough to get in your way with the arc reactor glowing and the repulsor ready to fire.

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