Russian Iturup Islands are Paradise on Earth

What you are about to see is one of the largest islands of Russian Kuriles, it’s name is Iturup Island and his beauty is un-explainable over it’s 200km length. It’s one of those untouched islands that show you how once planet looked like, and Jurassic park will come to your mind! Beautiful island encircled by pacific Ocean and Sea of Okhotsk make this island as a green emerald in blue sea, more so because this Russian island is a nature reserve. On the island you will find no mountains but you will find nine active volcanoes with Stokap being the largest one. People come here to explore host springs and even swim here in untouched nature!

There are a lot of mineral sources on the island and during USSR a lot of geologist scientists and workers explored.

However the research has stopped but there still are several mini cities on the island and the largest one has over 10k citizens and it’s name is Kurilsk.

We can thank a blogger and member from leprosorium that shared these photos, we hope you enjoyed your short trip!

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