Russian Kamchatka Obliterated By Heavy Snow

In Kamchatka there are dangerous consequences of heavy snow and wind storm that brought here by the Pacific cyclone, which came on the dreadful night of February 14. First heavy rainfall seriously hampered the lives of local residents, but later the heavy snow buried the town so employees of MES and Russian army forces remove blockages made of snow. The height of which in some places reaches up to 2 meters or more meaning at times the snow reaches first floor windows. The government gave orders in steps and the first step is to clear the way and yards, schools and kindergartens territory. Connections between settlements was difficult for some time as due to heavy snow even the airports were suspended. So this is how Kamchatka looks like now, so enjoy your warm home and look at the photos below. Story by Spiridonov Alex [divider]

kamchatka_01 kamchatka_02 kamchatka_03 kamchatka_04 kamchatka_05 kamchatka_06 kamchatka_08 kamchatka_09 kamchatka_10 kamchatka_11 kamchatka_12 kamchatka_14 kamchatka_17 kamchatka_23 kamchatka_35 kamchatka_41 kamchatka_43 kamchatka_46 kamchatka_47 kamchatka_49

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