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Russian “Kim Kardashian” Anastasia Kvitko Was Photographed On The Beach, This Is How She Looks Without Photoshop

Photoshop and Instagram filters to the rescue!

Photo: Instagram / EAST NEWS Source:

Russian model Anastasia Kvitko was filmed by the paparazzi on one of the beaches in Miami. A girl who is nicknamed “Russian Kim Kardashian” in the network, actively conducts an Instagram profile where she shares her pictures with subscribers. Life of the model is monitored by more than 8 million Internet users, many admire her figure. This time photographers caught “Russian Kim Kardashian” when she was resting on the beach in a beige swimsuit.

These pictures are strikingly different from those that Anastasia puts on the blog. The flabby abdomen of the girl is covered with tubercles, and on the hips the cellulitis is clearly visible, notes “Komsomolskaya Pravda“. Fans of the model assumed that her figure “blurred” because of unsuccessful liposuction they concluded on MICCCP.

And Nastya assures that she does not use any programs for retouching, but she only applies filters to her photos.

Photo: EAST NEWS Source:
Photo: EAST NEWS Source:

Photo: EAST NEWS Source:

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