Russian photo story from Rovinj in Croatia

Famous Russian photographer and blogger Daniel Kordan in one of his many trips visited Croatia, more precise a beautiful coastal Croatian town by the name “Rovinj”. A town founded by Celto-Illyrians, developed by Romans and later Slavicized by Croats and as such is a unique type of cultural and architectural mixture of Mediterranean and Slavic origin. It is a city in Croatia situated on the north of the beautiful Adriatic Sea and Rovinj has a small population of 14,294 people. Through the journey inside of Rovinj our blogger was left breathless by the untouched old town and beautiful aura it had. Story via(Satorifoto | Deviantart | FacebookHe returned from a short trip to Croatia, where he was shooting a wedding.


Daniel Kordan was able to spend 2 days at Plitvice Lakes, and one evening in Rovinj.


The ancient walls of the city invited and drawn him into the whirlpool center of night life. Even an ordinary wall narrow streets are beautifully decorated.


Local people are engaged mainly in tourist services, construction crafts and just sitting in the sun on the cozy streets.


In the 17-18 centuries Rovinj has a special influence among all cities in Istria as a major port and shipbuilding center.

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Surprisingly, the entire city – in stone. All laid cobblestones, patched plaster.


Rovinj’s was just nice to walk without guides, diving into a favorite gateway.

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In Croatia, a lot of attention is drawn to the window shutters on: in each city they have their own style.

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It seems that every house on these street Croats opened a shop, cafe or an art gallery. However it fits really nice into the ambient.

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Thanks to Daniel Kordan for this amazing story!


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