Russian police to use reindeers to catch criminals

Russian police will soon get new means of transport in the autonomous district Jamal, which has about half a million inhabitants. Large ‘ ice ‘ district, which itself most of the year can be accessed only from the photo on the back BSG Siberian reindeer. The authorities and local police themselves hoping that Siberian reindeer will be more effective in combating crime in these icy areas. Police currently uses snowmobiles in winter , but they often break down , sometimes they themselves to move them when they run out off fuel. “So far we have used snowmobiles , but they are just machines ,” said local Interior Minister , reports The Guardian.

“Finnish policeman and official police reindeer”

Siberian reindeers are much stronger mentally than their Scandinavian relatives as they are created by the harsh conditions of Siberia. So , with no great difficulty they can endure lengthy riding and weight policemen on their backs .

Local police will use reindeers in their district to fight annual crime rates of 163 crimes, of which the most common were : Fighting, alcohol , theft and hooliganism .

Featured photo by Tatiana Vorontsova

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