Russian road worker got drunk to the point where he could not stand

When warming up becomes a serious business

Russia, Orel – Russian temperatures are very severe, we all know that. Now it is easy to keep warm if you are at home and reading this, but what if you had to work all day on windy – 20°? That is the part when people look for other means to warm up and endure the day. In such manner two employees of “Spetsavtobaza” were caught drunk at work reports Orelgrad portal. They obviously took the warming part too serious.

Company “OrelGradu” felt ashamed of the drunk status of their workers, so they are fired – confirmed the company director Vladimir Dostavalov

Two workers explained their actions as “it was too cold and they decided to keep warm.” As a result, both were drunk to the point when he could not stand as you can see below:

Did you ever witness such a similar working ethics?

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