Russian Seals Mark WW2 70th Anniversary

These days a massive Russian military parade was held due to 70th anniversary of victory in WW2. However unlike just soldiers, Russian has shown that even animals parade there, so these two seals called “Winnie the Pooh” and “Laska”  held in Siberian aquarium also marked the anniversary. These cool little animals performed the whole show for the visitors, where they were firing from the rifile, marching with flags and made a lot of cool tricks like throwing balls, dancing, singing and yes they had Russian marine berets also. These seals are from Baikal Lake, and they are very comfortable in the aquarium as the water is cooled in three stages to make the identical temperature that is in Lake Baikal. The founder of the first such seal circus with seals is Dmitriy Baranov and he notes that the Baikal seals are excellent students who are progressing in every workout they try to teach them.

Baranov has been engaged in coaching these animals for 25 years by now, and this is just a natural progres for him as he used to work for years in a laboratory where they took care and researched these Seals, however now he trains them and he is having the best time of his life with his solider seals!


As you can see, the two seals are enjoying their role as marines.


What do you think could you train your animal to do something similar?

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