Russian Student Gets a Scholarship Worth $27.46, Tries To Live With It Whole Month Spending $1 a Day

Living a month with $1 a day :’D …

Photo: Alexey Zyryanov food during social experiment

Student of St. Petersburg State University Alexey Zyryanov conducted a social experiment. He tried to live a month on a scholarship – 1572 rubles. He told about his experience to the correspondent of Rosbalt. The idea of ​​the experiment was born in the student canteen. Alexey brought home buckwheat with eggs in a container, and classmates noticed that 50 rubles a day goes for such food. They suggested that with such a diet one can live only on a scholarship.

Alexey receives an ordinary scholarship – 1572 rubles. Of this amount, he spent 100 rubles on household items (he bought soap, toilet paper, napkins, toothpaste, washing powder, a pack of wet napkins). The purchase of products left 1472 rubles. Note that the scholarship of students from low-income families usually gets to amount of 3518 rubles. Of which 1035 rubles are spent on travel, about 300 rubles – for telephone calls and 200 rubles – for payment of a hostel. Thus, the student remains on 2000 rubles for food and household expenses reports

His daily meals:

Some cereals with chocolate

Some eggs

some more cereals

Some more eggs and cabbage

He used the scholarship only on the bare minimum and only for a month. Alexey said he does not intend to continue the experiment any longer.

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