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Russian Teenagers Built a ‘Swimming’ Pool In Their Living Room To Fight The Warm Day

One of those moments when you just know this isn’t going to end well for someone…

Ever felt so hot in your apartment you just wish you could dip yourself cold refreshing sea or a pool? Well it happens that same thoughts were crossing the minds of two young teen Russinans, it seems they found a solution (that you shouldn’t try at your home). Two young enterpreurs found a solution for the missing pool they’d like in Moscow, they have turned their living room into a indoor mini pool.

At first photos appeared on Russian social network Vkontakte, with two teen friends enjoying their day in their DIY living room pool reports Moscow Times. They constructed their pool using just a basic tarpaulin and Scotch tape to hold it “firmly”.

The boys, who hail from the Oryol region about 350 kilometers southwest of Moscow, where temperatures rose above 30 C this week according to the weather bureau, were seemingly oblivious to their unconventional setting as they posed for pool snaps amongst a radiator, some curtains and a chandelier.

It was not immediately clear how the boys planned to drain the water from their living room pool, nor whether the homeowner had consented to the bath’s construction.

Seeing this pictures, it’s one of those moments when you just know this isn’t going to end well for someone…

The Oryol region is about 350 kilometers southwest of Moscow and temperatures there can rose above 30°C, meaning it was probably a pretty hot day with a lot of moist in the air. At the time it probably seemed logical to them to set a indoor pool.

How did these two entrepreneurs drain the water and how did the apartment look after the pool session, we just wish we knew.

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