Russian Women Go Crazy About Having Putin Emblazoned Over Their Chest In Patriotic Motif Shirts

They carry him close to their little hearts

Photo: Project Set

Russian women are crazy about getting their leader Vladimir Putin emblazoned over their chest in a most patriotic way you seen. New range of patriotic designed shirts by the youth group “Project Set” were released and they expose pretty Russian cleavages in a love hearth pattern with Putin holding it all together with his hands. Patriotic fashion is blooming in Russia now especially when elections are coming (just as it was with Trump and Hillary merch during US elections) so if you want a unique shirt with Putin, this will be a good time to get one.

While some people use profile of the president to show admiration for their leader other designs use a Russian map to ram home the patriotic message. Many young designers who are working in the field of patriotic fashion are looking for their own unique angle or a fresh idea.

‘We think we have found one. Time and demand will prove if we are right or not.’

Putin is widely expected to declare his intention to seek another six year term as Russian president in the 2018 election. So if you get these shirts they might be a good bang for the buck as his presidency might last.

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