Russians and Americans considering joint new space station mission

Although the relations between the United States and Russia are currently far from idyllic, at lower levels things work pretty smoothly. For example, Russian engines RD-180 are installed in the Atlas V rocket, and so for the past decade and a half sending US military satellites into space. Cooperation in other fields is also at a high level: NASA and Roscosmos very closely working on the International Space Station (just have to send two astronauts on a one-year mission there), a partnership atmosphere was also expressed at the recent meeting between the two major space agencies as reported by RT.

Charles Bolden and Igor Komarov spoke – informally, though – about possible cooperation after the current space deal expires. This is the time period for the year 2024 and neither side has no clear strategy of what happens next. NASA’s budget does not have in mind the construction of a new station, though it is their great desire. They, in fact, depend on the political will of the Congress and the White House as a very awkward position, given that there is every four years fundamentally changed the nomenclature and positions related to the universe.

In Russia the situation is still delicate. The budget for space exploration is far less than the US and is reduced mainly to maintenance and operation of the ISS. The latter are further probes launched from Earth orbit even in the 1980s, and cosmonauts in space sent the Soyuz, whose original design dates back to the 1960s.

Although Roscosmos once – in light of the crisis over Ukraine – threatened to continue on his way after the aforementioned 2024 and build their own outpost in space, the chances of that are pretty small. The reason is simple: they do not have money. Therefore, the possibility of building a new joint station is more than welcome to the aforementioned, as well as for other Space Agency (ESA in Europe and Japan’s JAXA-in) that also do not have sufficient funds to finance the scientific sense is extremely important, but enormously expensive space objects.

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