Russians are developing these “robo-balls”: Throw them among enemy lines to spy on them in real time

Each Sphere is about 20,000 euros and it can send photos, video and audio clips from a distance of up to 50 meters

That’s right Russian army is going to be equipped with those Sphere devices that remind a BB-8 droid from Star Wars movie. Person throws it inside the building or wherever and then control with a special controller pad. It can be used in hostage rescue operations etc. Army already signed a contract to buy a first lot of those.

Each Sphere is about 20,000 euros, equipped with four video cameras, LED lights, microphone and transmitter. Photos, video and audio recordings can be sent from a distance of up to 50 meters and will work at temperatures of minus 20 to plus 45 degrees Celsius. Here is a video how it works:


Robo balls are part of the strategy of creating smart military equipment. It is considered to be the most effective in urban war zones where it is necessary to fight for every street.

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