Russians Are Going Back To The Moon In 2031 and They Plan To Settle It

Moon conquering race in 3…2…1…

Russia – It has been announced by Vladimir Solntsev, the CEO of Russian rocket company Energia, that they aimt to send humans to the moon in 2031. reported the Russian news agency TASS. All this means that Russia has plans to develop new heavy-lift rocket, with a manned spacecraft called Federation, to achieve these goals.

“After 2025, the start of flights to the Moon and the start of the work to become accustomed to this artificial satellite are planned. The year 2026 will see an unmanned flight around the Moon and in 2027 we’ll launch a take-off and landing module to the Moon’s orbit,” he said.

 The module will land on the Moon in an automatic mode, he added. “In 2029, there will be an unmanned flight of a new spacecraft to the Moon’s orbit. In the 2030s, we set the task of a manned flight to the Moon and in 2031 we plan landing on the Moon,” he said.

This is not the first time they talked about these plans as Solntsev said in October 2015 that they were originally aiming for a 2029 manned lunar landing, so this latest news represents a delay of sorts.

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