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Russians Created A Glass Beach As Ocean Turned Their Vodka and Beer Bottles Into Colorful Glass “Marbles”

When pollution becomes art, safe, beautiful and a tourist attraction

Image credits: RGO

Ussuri Bay was once a USSR-era dumping ground for old used glass that was created in the Soviet mega-country. If you wonder where Ussuri Bay is, well it is near Vladivostok the Russia’s Far Eastern Capital. What once was a area that everyone seen as polluted due to dumping ground mark, it was avoided by tourists and locals. Turns out, by the all-powerful mother nature, this once polluted bay, now became one of the most mesmerizing beaches you could ever lay your eyes upon.

As many years have passed they have washed out all the bottles of wine, beer, vodka, kvass and only what is left of them are these cute colorful “marbles” that are scattered across this whole bay.

It was once considered dangerous to go here, so local authorities have marked it as a no-intrusion area, but now it is actually protected and a unique nature reserve and it is popular with tourists that pay massive money to travel all the way to Vladivostok just to visit this. Like what you see? h/t:(daily mail)

Image credits: Anna Pozharskaya
Image credits: Anna Pozharskaya
Image credits: ula1673 / Instagram
Image credits: grunja / Instagram
Image credits: dumbrava_regina / Instagram

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