Russians Made The First Floating Nuclear Power Station, Has Slavic Science Gone Too Far?

Nuclear power-plant that could harbor anywhere to supply power…

The Academik Lomonosov / Photo: Rosatom

The Russians made the first floating nuclear power station and set it to sail towards Siberia. The “Academik Lomonosov” is a floating nuclear power plant that will sail to the Arctic Sea next year to supply Russian bases with electricity and heat plus as a bonus it can also desalinize the sea water. Russia presented the first floating nuclear power plant in the world on in harbor city of Murmansk, a project that should enable the supply of remote areas.

The containment itself is designed to remain tight even in the case of a meltdown

Built in St. Petersburg, The Academik Lomonosov was set sail at Murmansk Harbor and was presented to reporters on Saturday. It should be filled with nuclear fuel before it reaches the final destination, a remote region in eastern Siberia.

According to the manufacturer, this ship would also resist M10 earthquakes (highest on the Richter Scale) and giant tsunamis.

The Academik Lomonosov / Photo: Rosatom

Built in the state Russian conglomerate Rosatom, this floating massive 144 meter-long and 30-meter-wide block features two 35 MW reactors each (over 1000 MW in a new generation reactor) similar to those used by ice cubes.

Environmentalists criticize the project: Greenpeace warned of a “Chernobyl on ice”.

The Academik Lomonosov / Photo: Rosatom

The power plant can cover the energy needs of nearly 200,000 people. His port is Pevek in Siberia, 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. It will be able to supply the local population but especially oil platforms in that area where Russia wants to develop hydrocarbon production.

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