Rybachij Peninsula the Northern Part of Western Russia

Beautiful part of Russia that deserves more tourist attention!

Russia, Rybachij Peninsula – A team of bloggers took a trip to the Northernmost part of Western Russia. It is as far North as Northern Finland and Northern Norway (so it’s even further North than Santa Claus who is said to be native of Lapland, Finland).

“The Kola peninsula has its special magic, many bloggers can confirm that you get addicted to going back there at least once a year. And the Rybachij Peninsula has all these qualities quadrupled. Very strong place.” says Dmitry, the person who took these photos, while describing his trip to this land where you can see the atomic Russian submarines departing to the depths of the Arctic Ocean. The photos are clickable for larger, nicer versions. h/t:(chistoprudov)


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