Sasha The Siberian Baby Wolly Rhino

Russia will just not stop surprising us, so this week an amazing discovery took place in Siberia, Russia. It was the baby woolly rhinoceros that was preserved due to well know Siberian Perrmafrost, so discovery of this magnitute has been already proclained as sensational by local Russian palenoglogist circles. Russina experts plan to extract the DNA from the remains of the well preserved Rhino that is as we speak being transfered to the Academy of Sciences in Yakutsk, the capital os Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in Russia. It is interesting that the baby rhino was found on the bank of Semyulyakh river the a hobbist hunter and bussnismens Alexander ‘Sasha’ Banderov and due to him discovering the baby rhino it was named Sasha.


Alexander said at first during his hunt with his friend Semen Ivanov the thought they saw remains of a reindeer, only later after inspecting the carcass they understood they have found something truly remarkable when it comes to history. ‘We were sailing past a ravine and noticed hair hanging on the top of it,’ said Alexander.


At first we thought it was a reindeer’s carcass, but after it thawed and fell down we saw a horn on its upper jaw and realized it must be a rhino.


The part of the carcass that stuck out of the ice was eaten by wild animals, but the rest of it was inside the permafrost and preserved well. ‘We immediately got in touch with Mammoth Fauna Department of the Yakutian Academy of Sciences’. More info: Siberian Times

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