Scariest Skull Czermna Chapel is from Poland

Scariest Skull Czermna Chapel is from Poland – you would probably wonder is it really a chapel or some horror movie site. But it actually is a chapel, authentic one, and did we mention that is would scare and creep you out just being inside it? It’s located in local town Czermna in Poland. Citizens of this town are just normal everyday people no matter this horrifying chapel in near by. Actually as you will see beneath, the chapel on the outside looks like one of those small, warm and cozy chapels, but hey look what’s inside of it!


The chappel was built after “30 years war” from the casualties bones by J. Schmidt and grave digger J. Langer, father Tomaszek who was inspired by the Capuchin cemetery while on a pilgrimage to Rome, collected the casualties’ bones, cleaned and put them in the chapel within 18 years (from 1776 to 1794).


There are three thousand skulls at this small baroque church and there’s about 21 thousand peoples bones in basement. Scary huh?


To make it even more scary the skulls of people who built the chapel, including father Tomaszek, were placed in the center of the building and on the altar in 1804.


Not scary enough? Well you see there are a crucifix and two carvings of angels, one with a Latin inscription that reads “Arise from the Dead” are among the bones.


You can listen about history of the Chapel from a recording inside the church available in three languages (Polish, Czech and German).


Funny enough, looking at the outside of the chapel you would never guess what awaits you inside!


photos via Wikimedia Commons user Merlin

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