Scenes Of Russian Young Ballerina Dancing With Her Dog Captured by Andrey Seliverstov

In Russia everything is possible, even dancing animals (not bears this time)

Photo: Andrey Seliverstov / Instagram

These beautiful images are captured in the magical moment as the young ballet dancer successfully dances with her little pet. The four-legged friend interacts with her in perfect synchronization ans they dance in front of monumental backdrops in Saint Petersburg like Church of the Savior on Blood and the Admiralty building. These enchanting moments were skilfully captured by Andrey Seliverstov, a professional photographer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. More info: Great Dance ChroniclesFacebookInstagram h/t:(designyoutrust)

Andrey said: “It’s not an easy task to photograph both children and dogs. And of course for a person who has been photographing dogs for the last 20 years – it’s more difficult to work with kids, especially when they are so young”.

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