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Serbian man had to turn into jail for driving without a licence, prison rejects him for having a damaged ID card

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Radoljub Ristic (28) from Kuršumlija can not consume 20 days in prison because his identity card was damaged, and for days he was trying to prove his identity. Radoljub Ristic, 28, from Kuršumlija, went to Prokuplje police station to serve a sentence of 20 days in prison for a traffic offense, but he was returned from the gate because his identity card was damaged.

Ristić has been trying to prove his identity in vain for days to still go to jail! Radoljub tells Kurir that he recently drove a car with no license and was stopped by the police reports

I do not have a passport


The fine is 20,000 dinars, but he told the judge that he had no money to pay it, so he was sentenced to 20 days in prison. He received an invitation to report on March 23 at the prison in Prokuplje. Bought cigarettes, chocolates and juices and came to the gates of the prison. They asked him for his ID card and said it was not correct because it was damaged.

They said that he can not get in jail because of a damaged ID card, he had to prove who he is. Then he offered them a military booklet, but they did not accept it. He doesn’t posses a passport, nor a drivers licence. Since he spent all the money to equip himself with snacks for jail he returned home by car stopping. Ristic says he is persistently trying to go to jail, but unsuccessfully.

“I asked if I could submit a request for a new ID card and confirm it, but they said they can not. Then I went to the police station in Kuršumlija to read my ID card. They told me there they can not do it until I make another offense” – Radolub says.

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