Serbian Man Invites Family Godfather To Celebrate A Holiday, After Drinking Few Shots of Rakija He Beats Them All In A Fight

Holiday “Krsna Slava Sveti Jovan” will always be remembered by the host Đ. J. (56) and his son DJ (26), who were beaten by the godfather M.M. (26) after four liters of alcohol Balkan drink Rakija, then allegedly rushed physically to the policemen who came to arrest him!

As the local media reports M.M. came to the home in Jakovo, on Sunday, in the afternoon for a traditional lunch. They had a nice time for some time, but, according to unofficial information, after drinking four liters of brandy, there was a quarrel and then a fight. M.M. is suspected that he first beat the old godfather and the host, and then his son D. J, who allegedly passed out of the beatings.

The police immediately informed the incident, whose officers from PS Surcin came to Jakovo for intervention. However, M.M. did not calm down, resisted the arrest and even allegedly physically attacked the police. One of them, as he suspected, hit M.P. in the stomach and head.

However, M.M. is somehow overwhelmed and placed in a police vehicle. However, he still resisted, and when he was brought to the police station, he damaged the interior of the official police vehicle. In the end, however, he was overpowered and a police detention was fixed. After that, he was brought to a hearing in Belgrade. 

As it turns out, the M.M. was greatly offended, brought the defense before the competent prosecutor’s office. He claims that he “does not really remember anything,” that “he is not a good drink”, but that he was “very drunk”. As he said, allegedly, it seemed to him that the hosts would attack a guest on the glory, and he wanted to defend himself. He claims that he is sorry for everything that happened.

After the hearing, M.M. was released to defend himself from freedom, since he had never been convicted before, nor was he known as an incidental young man. He is charged with assaulting police officers, causing serious bodily harm and damaging other people’s things.

The investigation is continuing, and in the following period, the injured hosts, witnesses from the glory will be examined, and the suspect’s expert will be charged.

Two policemen to whom M.M. had physically attacked were transported by an emergency vehicle to the Emergency Center after an incident, where minor injuries were reported to them. On the other hand, the host of Slava holiday and his son, have gone much worse. They suffered serious injuries in the form of a fracture of the head. 

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