Mysterious Serbian Vinca Culture Figurines

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Vinca culture figurines have been researched numerous times and among one sphere of scientists and scholars some have come to the conclusion these mysterious ancient objects found in Serbia could depict extraterrestrial visitors! Possibly of Gods, or any similar superior life form that pushed our civilization to advance to the point where we are today. These ideas have been ridiculed by general media coverings, however still there are many idividuals that believe these old archaeological objects could give us some answers that we as human civilization seek from our existence. Just as pyramids and other ancient megalithic objects that inspire thinkers even till this day, in same manner Vinča figurines too inspire open minds around the globe! Mostly due to specific looks of figurines many think this is how aliens looked like in their encounters with our civilization.

Most ancient illustrations or figurines depict strange humanoid beings with oval-shaped heads, giant eyes and specific dark eyes. We all have seen those images in sci-fi movies and Vinča figurines might be the reason why we depict aliens as such today. Heads of figurines have a specific head shape, usually larger then their bodies while they are mostly pale in their overall looks. You will notice Vinča culture figurines depicts beings that look too much alike to what we usually enjoy in movies. Due to these facts it is safe to conclude that our speculations how Alien life forms look like might actually come from these traces that our ancestors left us. These ancient items are old over 7000 years BC and they are still regularly found by archaeologists in South-Eastern Europe, Ex-Yugoslavia area and Norther Greece.

The Vinča culture is a specific set of well examined and documented archaeological items found in “Vinca region” just 14km from Serbian capital Belgrade. These excavations brought us over 2000 alien like figurines and this is one of the largest collection of such items in Europe. These items are either a creation of some very imaginative individuals from human history, sort of a sci-fi pioneer or even more likely they are evidence of their own happenings that happened 7000 years ago on these areas. In other words their contact with beings that looked different than themselves, so they had a need to recreate them in this way.

It is interesting that the era when Vinča figurines and Vinča culture bloomed happened several thousand years earlier then ancient civilizations around Nile emerged such as old Egypt. This is one of the major proof for open mind thinkers how this in fact is an anomaly in human development. This is why these figurines are intriguing evidence of something irregular that happened thousands years before.

Many still today do not have any realistic explanation for Vinča culture, mostly due to the fact that these items left behind by Vinča civilization were too well developed while cultures of the Old World were still in neolithic stage. In other words, era where humans still didn’t built one of the grand megalithic monuments such as pyramid, the Vinča population had a highly developed cultural traits and art.

Most of the objects found in diggings of Vinča culture are decorated with incredible inscriptions. Ceramic and stone figurines that represent humans, animals and irregular humanoid beings which today we would see only as aliens are the evidence of extraterrestrial life that happened long ago to advance our civilization before first pyramid happened! It is possible that this was our ancestors way to write history and leave us a clue how we came to the point where we are today. These items are original, intact and you can examine them yourself at Vinča museum!

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