SHOCKING: Furious Bear Charges Bikers At Slovakia Downhill Course

“Downhill is a dangerous sport because of one more reason, bears”

Two Slovak mountain bikers just found out that downhill is dangerous for one more reason, bears. It was just another casual day that seemed perfect for a good ride down their favorite route at Malinô Brdo Bikepark in Ružomberok, Slovakia. Lucky for them, they had a good speed while driving down the mountain and that is the sole reason why they weren’t harmed by the local bear.

Dusan Vinzik is an adventure YouTuber who managed to capture the exact moment a massive freaking brown bear launched in front of him and started chasing his friend.

Vinzik started screaming at his friend to warn him of his impending doom, and that might have been what saved him in the end as the bear stops in his tracks and slinks away.

Or you know, don’t go mountain biking in Slovakian back-country.

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