Siberian Huskies Playing On Frozen Russian Lake

Fox Grom, a Russian photographer has captured for us some of the most amazing Siberian Husky images on a frozen lake in Russia. Siberian Husky is one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet so add to that a beautiful Russian landscape and you get to see this dogs in their natural habitat. Our photographer Fox is from Murmansk Oblast, town Kirovsk and that is one of the most northern Russian regions. As the area is in the norther part of the arctic circle Huskies can endure this landscape with ease. Beautiful Murmansk lakes and nature are so untouched this images look surreal and due to their clarity it looks like the husky is waling on a mirror. If you wish to enjoy more amazing photos of Arctic Lands of Russia make sure to see his profile on Russian social network Vkontakte! More info: Vkontakte (fubiz)

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