Siberian mystery craters explored by Russian explorers

Siberian mystery craters explored by Russian explorers – you probably remember those large mysterious holes that appeared all across Siberia. As they are still a mystery a team of explorers was sent to discover how they came. The team was deployed at Yamal Peninsula in northern Siberia where new crater developed, and now it is expected throw fresh light on how this and other such phenomenon were formed. These experts are putting their faith in a theory that gas hydrates caused underground explosions in the same way as eruptions under the Atlantic Ocean may have led to the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon. But we have to admit even thought that explanation might be valid still the laser-cut way these craters look like are hardly to be explained by just gas explosions. via(source)

Photograph by Vladimir Pushkarev show for the first time how scientists used climbing equipment to reach the base of the crater – a lake at least 10.5 metres deep with a frozen surface. It was below -11° in the crater!

Vladimir Pushkarev the man in charge of this mission and a director of the Russian Centre of Arctic Exploration, told The Siberian Times: ‘We managed to go down into the funnel, all was successful. We used climbing equipment, and it is easier to do this in winter, than in summer, with the ground now hard.

‘We took all the probes we planned, and made measurements. Now scientists need time to process all the data and only then can they draw conclusions.’

It’s amazing that funnel of the crater is about 16.5 metres deep, not including an earthen rampart on the surface, formed in the blowout, of several metres in height. Which makes this place look really amazing.

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