Signal festival in Prague

The Signal Festival is really originál and amazing festival of light in Prague. It is videomapping and light installations. This festival belongs to one of the greatest cultural events in the Czech Republic. Under the direction of Czech and international experts in light design in artistic spaces, Prague’s streets and public areas.

For this unforgetable show are used the most popular historical monuments as well as lesser known corners. All change over the course of  four evenings to capture the different facades of today’s and yesterday’s Prague in non-traditional ways.

Signal festival shows visitors a unique integration of art with city space, and modern technology. There were counted over 2 million attendees to Prague during the five years of its existence. The festival brings visually attractive works together with complex installations of international quality. This concept allows it to appeal both to professionals and the lay public.

With its support of new works of art, the Signal Festival has become a respected platform on an international level and a sought-after venue for introducing the newest projects of the field.

The financing of the festival is drawn from the support of grant programs such as those of the Magistrate of the Capital City of Prague, the Ministry of Regional Development, and also thanks to municipal districts of Prague 1, 2 and 3. They have also many partnership with commercial entities and revenues from the auxiliary activities of the festival.

The creative board of the SIGNAL Festival is an independent board of appointees from various areas of society and culture. Its primary task is to increase the quality of the selection of the individual installations and expand the scope of interest in other fields, both creative and technical.

Work in the creative board of the SIGNAL Festival is voluntary and represents an honorary and unpaid function. Its members may nominate guests or other participants in the board. If you would like to be in the heart of this amazing festival you can apply to become voluntary. In Prague are many beautiful places where you can enjoy this amazing show as a famous Orloj, Rudolfinum etc.

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