Slav King: New Music Video From Life of Boris and DJ Blyatman Is Breaking The Internet

“Mama said its just a phase that i fill my days with mayonez”

Photo: Youtube screenshot

Comrades, we had a coronation and you didn’t even know about it. Considering the fact we are slowly completing the phase of uniting Slavs over the internet, it was about time we get ourselves a King to lead us into the brave new world.

This is why Life of Boris and DJ Blyatman have co-operated on a new music video and it is killing YouTube servers, we are not sure if the western spy servers will be able to handle it.

Slav King Lyrics: “Slavic Squats and Cheeki Breeki , Cold Compot and Chebureki…Always move, never down…Such is life with slavs around..Take my lada driving town…Fingers up and windows down…Hot pelmeni and some kvass..Drive around and pump HARDBASS”

It is obviously time for the next step brat Slavs!

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