Slavic Children And Animals Bond In Photoshoots By Russian Elena Karneeva

Slavs have a special bond with their surrounding, and they share their lives with animals from their early age. It is exactly the right age when we explore world and our minds are free of fears, guilt, treason and many other bad things that infect our minds later in life. This relationship with animals is something we want our children to remember and take on in their life. That same innocence is that Elena Karneeva, a professional photographer from Moscow, successfully captures in her beautiful photos of Slavic Russian children and animals in a beautiful set of Slavic villages. The children in each image seem to great the animals posing together with them as friends and companions in life, rather than as food material that grownups see them. The pigs, dogs, goats and other little baby critters inspire beautiful rural Russian images that remind us of another famous family Russian photographer by the name Elena Shumilova. We now really think you should enjoy her creative rural photos and that it might give you a glimpse how Slavic village actually looks like and why Slavs love their land as no one other – it’s because their childhood and bond they made in their early life with it! More info: Facebook |500px | | Instagram [divider]

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